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Wood on fire

Burn Hot and Bright For God

October 19, 2018 |

We talk about being on fire for God; burning bright in a dark world; asking the Holy Spirit to ignite the fire again.  Have you ever spent time watching a fire? Have you watched how different types of materials burn? I spent a good chunk of time one day burning old materials and papers, and the Lord showed me some applications to our spiritual lives. Paper Generally Burns Easily Most of us think that paper burns very easily – and it can, but it doesn’t always.  When it does burn, the heat produced is minimal and doesn’t last long. Crumple up some paper, lay it loosely in the fire pit,…

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Many crying into his hands

Cry Out to God and Then Go in Peace

September 28, 2018 |

Hannah was greatly distressed in 1 Samuel 1:10-20.  Instead of stewing and pouting and turning away from God she poured everything out before Him.  We see that she was “bitter” (v. 10). This is not the picture of a prim and proper worshipper of the Lord coming before Him and singing praise songs.  This is a woman that has a very deep, burning wound and she is bitter about it. Life is not fair. Things are not going right. This is NOT the way that they should be!  This has gone on for too long, God. Enough! She “wept severely”. Crying out to God Hannah moped and was depressed (see…

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Success Balloons

You are Designed for Success

September 14, 2018 |

God has designed us and is equipping us to be successful.  But what is success? In America we often define success by our position and possessions.  The higher our position at work or school or church or the social club then the more “successful” we are.  The more stuff we have, then the more we are a success; be that houses, cars, name-brand clothes, exotic vacations; fancy this or that. However, position, possession, or even our number of followers is not God’s standard for success. And if that’s not how God defines success, neither should we.  Scripture gives us a definition of success quite contrary to the expectations of this…

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Sewer Drain

Clean Out the Roots in Your Life

August 3, 2018 |

There is a part of our house about which we often don’t think; a part that some of us probably never think about.  Yet, it is a vitally important maintenance item from which we need to apply some principles to our spiritual lives. It’s not something that we prize or cherish, but when it doesn’t work properly, we surely aren’t pleased.  It is the sewer line that takes everything from our sinks, showers and toilets to the city pipes. Not too long ago, I had the pleasure of assisting my father-in-law with cleaning out his lines.  As I was on my knees over a pipe that was emitting less than…

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A road through the mountains

Journeying from Dream to Fulfillment

July 28, 2018 |

The implications of Joseph’s 23 years before the fulfillment of God’s Promises   When we receive visions or words from the Lord about what He plans to do in and through our lives we typically want to jump right in and go.  From experience, though, I find that most often He reveals His plans and then He takes us through a time of preparation. This time is often quite long and sometimes includes what we may think to be a fulfillment of the word but often isn’t the completed fulfillment.     Big Dreams Joseph was given two dreams in his youth when he was 17 years old (Genesis 37).…

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HisRadiance_CovenantPromises_Why Use Flags in Worship

Why Use Flags in Worship?

June 27, 2018 |

“Why flags?”   Well, because there is Scriptural basis, complimented by abundant symbolism in color and movement, and because worship is part of our spiritual warfare arsenal.   Synonyms for flags include banner, sign, signal, standard, standard-bearer, and symbol.  While flags as we know them today are not mentioned specifically in Scripture, the present day versions are adapted from the standards that were raised over each camp.   (Numbers 1:52)  The people of Israel shall pitch their tents by their companies, each man in his own camp and each man by his own standard. The use of flags invites others to engage in worship in a different way than lifting hands,…

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PentecostalFire_FreshAnointing - The Biblical Support for Using Flags in Worship

Are Worship Flags Biblical?

June 26, 2018 |

Where does the use of praise banners and worship flags come from? Yes, flag worship is biblical, although there is no specific Scripture that commands us to use them in worship today.  Think of the flag bearer or standard bearer in biblical times.   We can even look to Scripture to see God in a position of being the standard bearer.  A standard is not only an emblem but a level of expectation to be attained. God sets the Holy standard and covers His children with the blood of the Perfect Sacrifice, Jesus Christ.  All the rest of us fall short of God’s standard and Scripture says He will lift…

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Ruach - Breath of God - Worship Flag Being Waved Against the Sky

What It Takes to Make a Worship Flag

June 26, 2018 |

Fabric, Fabric, and More Fabric “So, how much fabric do you need?”  It was a question loaded with the additional sentiment, “Don’t you think you have enough?”   The thing was, all I knew was certain fabrics were standing out, but I didn’t have conceptualization of flags to be made from the fabrics.  There was still a drive to purchase another color in another texture. Yet being around the colors and textures of the fabrics is one of my happy places.   On one particular day, I was standing in a fabric store and heard God say, “This is the last piece of fabric you’ll be buying for a while.”…

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Worship Flags Throne Room Flag Christian Forms of Praise and Worship

Entering the Throne Room with a Garment of Praise

June 14, 2018 |

The Process of Making Worship Flags “So, if you’re going to make a flag for someone, do you have to spend a lot of time with them first?” she asked.  I wasn’t prepared with an answer. After all, to that point I’d only made flags for myself and given some as gifts to friends. “Let’s see how the next few days go, and I’ll let you know if I know what your flag should look like.”  I said. That’s what we did. I had some mutual friends and acquaintances weigh in on what they thought this flag should look like, but that wasn’t how God had arranged the creative process…

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