Ministering to Ministers

and igniting the body of Christ to live in fullness of purity and power.

Blue Fire Legacy works primarily as a proactive and preventative pastoral care ministry for both vocational and bi-vocational pastors, missionaries, and their families.

In addition to coaching, consulting, pastoral care and counseling for pastors, Blue Fire Legacy offers Biblically based teaching in a variety of formats including itinerant pulpit supply, conferences, and seminars/workshops.

Pastoral Care for

Church Leaders

Church leaders and lay pastors, whether staff or volunteer, face a myriad of challenges. You may simply need help getting above the fray of “the tyranny of the urgent” or you may need help with interpersonal issues.

Seek help for you.

Pastoral Families

While the pastor is the one called to the ministry, the family is also significantly impacted by schedules and expectations sometimes unspoken and unrealistic.  We are available for both the ministers AND their families.

Find help for your family.


Furloughs are often full of travel and speaking at supporting churches.  Have you allocated a time for self-care? Even if you are abroad, we can accommodate counseling for missionaries. When you are on the field and feel isolated, we can be your support.

Find emotional and spiritual support.


Often we find that there is a correlation between having healthy ministers and the health of their churches. The tendency is for the unhealthy to affect the healthy, therefore it is vital to work with both the minister and congregation.

Be served as a church body.

God's Purpose for Blue Fire Legacy

Igniting the Body of Christ to Live in Fullness of Purity and Power.

When God calls you to a life of ministry, there are many promises of potential, protection, and provision.  There are not promises of ease.

God has prepared us to come alongside pastoral families and walk with them through the daily journey of life and ministry, to work with church boards asking the questions that lead to positive changes, to be the catalyst for a church body to go deeper in worship and service, to be a safe place for working through so called “failures” and struggles.

God stationed us to fill an array of roles in the church from custodian to pastor, child care worker to worship leader.  We’ve been Sunday school teachers, small group leaders, and church planters.  Plus, we’ve served in small, medium, and large churches; denominational and non-denominational churches; conservative to charismatic churches.  You will be talking to previous business owners and employees who have worked both menial jobs and in licensed professions.

All this to say - we understand the additional challenges of bi-vocational ministry.

Funding Blue Fire Legacy

100% Donation Funded; $0 Debt Policy

Blue Fire Legacy is a ministry that comes alongside church bodies, missionaries, pastors, and their families to provide professional pastoral care with no cost to clients during times of burnout, personal crisis, or ministry challenges.  

To accomplish this mission, we look to you, our generous supporters, to prayerfully consider how God would have you partner with us.