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You are crafted by God uniquely, an individual unlike any other. We look forward to hearing how we can serve your personalized needs during your current season.

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Ministry leaders need healing and support like everyone else.

It's time YOU were ministered to.

We’ve been there. We’ve experienced the excitement of a new ministry, the stress and fatigue of facing difficulties and limitations within the ministry, personal crises such as losing close family members while ministering, and the devastation of leaving ministry.

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"Needs are met because individuals are willing to be obedient and give God what they have to give. Mark and Dallas have done that and are doing that. As a ministry team, they are the complete package. What they have to give is their willingness to be obedient with a unique combination of compassion, insight, and understanding.

They are worshippers who are mature in ministry to others and gifted in many areas including in depth, prayer-based counseling, ministerial support, and business coaching (from the basics to sophisticated corporate business practices). They are, each and together, proven and sensitive relational communicators who help to bring the healing hand of God to hurting hearts. They are all about building up broken, battered, believers and equipping those who are searching and struggling to not only overcome the attacks of the enemy, but thrive as Christ followers.

Looking for someone to help restore and refresh a marriage, a pastor or pastoral leadership team, or anyone you care about? I heartily endorse Mark and Dallas as the someones you should contact, and the someones you should prayerfully consider supporting." - Larry Hargrave

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Know the Stats

23%  of pastors

don't know where to turn when they have a family or personal issue.

(HB London, Pastors at Great Risk)

33%  of pastors

felt burned out within the first 5 years of doing ministry.

(HB London, Pastors at Great Risk)

45%  of pastors

say that they’ve experienced depression or burnout to the extent that they needed to take a leave of absence from ministry.

(HB London, Pastors at Great Risk)

57%  of pastors

would leave the pastorate if they had somewhere else to go or some other vocation they could do.

(HB London, Pastors at Great Risk)

60%  of pastors

believe that church ministry has negatively impacted their passion for church work.

(George Barna, Today’s Pastors)

75%  of pastors

report significant stress-related crisis at least once in their ministry.


12%  of missionaries

of the more than seventy-five thousand missionaries who travel through the U.S. every year take time to rest.


50%  of new missionaries

do not last beyond their first term on the mission field.

(Yohannan, Come Let's Reach the World, 45)

65%  of missionaries

 said they could not afford to take time to rest; more than half said they were not aware of any missionary retreat centers.


Blue Fire Legacy's ministry is working to combat the above statistics and increase the health of our society's spiritual leaders. It is core to our ministry that we do not charge the recipients for our services and that we not finance the ministry by taking on debt.
As such, we look to prayerful financial supporters to fund this work.

Credit Mark and Dallas Henslee

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