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Our ministry is individualized for each church, person, or family that we come alongside.  Because every ministry and minister is unique, we don’t have a cookie cutter approach. The work will be led by the Holy Spirit and accomplished in God’s strength.

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Our intention is to develop ongoing relationships with you and all who we serve.  This means that we are not a ministry with quick one-time visits.

We serve people, inter-denominationally, whether as individuals or part of a church body.  God has already opened doors for us to meet leaders serving in Australia, Bangladesh, Belize, Brazil, Cambodia, Canada, Czech Republic, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Honduras, Jordan, Ukraine, and the US Virgin Islands, as well as, various states across the US.  

You can receive itinerant ministry, Biblical counseling, external member care, organizational consulting, and encouragement as we challenge believers to walk in Christ-likeness. You will be given tools, resources and accountability.  We also have materials appropriate for small group and conference training.  All services are provided free of charge.

A key differentiator of Blue Fire Legacy is that we are called to come alongside in discipleship, teaching, edification, and encouragement.  When possible, we serve by coming to you when it seems impossible for you to come to us.   There is value in encouraging ministers to get away from their daily tasks, and we foresee offering a retreat center at Legacy Heights as an additional mode of ministry as Blue Fire Legacy continues to develop and grow.

Counseling & Coaching

Individual Counseling

We approach counseling from a perspective that honors the individual while treating the base cause(s) rather than simply suggesting behavior modifications or dealing primarily with symptoms.  Having said that, we highly value doing therapy together, with you, as a team rather than utilizing a system that does something to you.

Family Counseling

Because missionary,  pastor, and church leader families don’t live in a vacuum, sometimes they have hard stuff to address in the context of their family units.  

We understand that ministry and a perfect life of ease don’t go hand in hand. Let us walk with you in this season of untangling the mess.


Those feeling like they just need to run away from life for a bit would benefit from an intensive.  If you desire concentrated time to meet with us individually, with your spouse, or with your immediate family, intensives are a great option.  We have host homes in Colorado, Florida, and South Carolina.

Each intensive is personalized for the individuals being served and sessions are designed accordingly.

"I have only worked with Dallas, but every moment has been wonderful. I love the way she combines her work as an LPC with the direction of the Holy Spirit. I have felt in every meeting with her that I have gotten 6 months worth of counseling. Her ministry has helped me address the root and not just the symptoms of issues. I highly recommend her to ministry couples/individuals." - Erin A.

Consulting & Teaching


Utilized by individuals or boards, coaching may occur in person, by phone, or other electronic formats.  Coaching is less intense than counseling, but provides a format to ask the questions you don’t have anywhere else to ask.  We’re more about effecting change than being a personal cheerleader, so be ready to work.


For congregations desiring freshness in their corporate worship times, itinerant music and teaching supply services are available.  Teaching may also include conferences, special events, retreats, and workshops.

A weekend conference is a great way to jump start change in a church.  We can work with your team or provide the music and teaching. Topics may include, but are not limited to, forgiveness, identity, living in Christ’s likeness, and spiritual warfare.

Training Materials

Behind Enemy Lines: A Discipleship Course in Spiritual Warfare is a great resource for individual as well as small group study.  Each chapter has discussion questions and there are more leader questions in the appendix.

Breaking the Burdensome Yoke: A Discipleship Course in Forgiving and Grieving is a practical resource for individual or small group use.  Each chapter has processing questions at the end.  We've included a separate Q & A section for easy reference. 

More materials are being developed for church groups.

Learn more about resources and materials.

"Mark and Dallas are a God's send. The kind of work they do as a couple with one being a Licensed Counselor and the other being a Pastor is amazing. I highly recommend their ministry to anyone who is currently in any type of ministry and needs healing for whatever reason."  - Greg H.

Who We Work With


We love to teach.  Whether small groups, facilitator training, or encouraging and edifying a church body collectively, we are called to speak truth in love.  As we have visited with individuals, we have heard over and over that congregants are struggling to find and engage in meaningful community in their churches.  They want to belong! They want to see the church operating as the church; a priesthood of believers that genuinely loves each other providing an appropriate place to grow in accountability, maturity, and impacting a pre-Christian world!

Often we find that there is a correlation between having healthy ministers and the health of their churches.  The tendency is for the unhealthy to infect the healthy. It is vital to work with both the congregation and the minister to see the church operating in fullness.

The Body of Christ is to be a pure bride.  In addition to offering itinerant services in the pursuit of calling the Church up, we also provide materials to challenge the congregation to be who the Lord is calling them to be in Christ.

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Church Leaders

23% of pastors don’t know where to turn when they have a family or personal conflict or issue. (HB London, Pastors at Great Risk)

Church leaders face a myriad of challenges. Senior and associate pastors, elders, deacons, and lay leaders will benefit from our outside perspective. We provide an opportunity to see, explore, and move past potential blind spots as you draw on our years of experience, choosing what will work in your church.

Beyond this, you may need help getting above the fray of “the tyranny of the urgent.”   Perhaps you simply need someone from outside of your congregation to listen and encourage you -  a safe place to confide anything with the assurance that it won’t be repeated or held against you.

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Pastoral Families

60% of pastors believe that church ministry has negatively impacted their passion for church work. (George Barna, Today’s Pastors)

While you as a pastor are called to the ministry, your family is significantly affected.  Your spouse and children are often forgotten or don’t have a safe place to be themselves. We are available for both you as a ministers AND your families. 

A healthy family is important for you to be able to fulfill your calling.

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When asked why they don’t take the time to rest, 65% of missionaries said they could not afford it. Also, more than half said they were not aware of any missionary retreat centers.  (

The sending organization may have prepared you for the language and culture of missions but you may need help with the personal matters.  While on the field you may need someone that will listen from afar. You may experience interpersonal conflict with your spouse or those you work beside. 

Furloughs are often full of travel and speaking to supporting churches. What about a time for self-care?

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We had a life changing experience with Mark and Dallas at Blue Fire Legacy. As ministers we recognize the unique ministry of coaching, counseling, and impartation that goes beyond normal pastoral care. We highly recommend their services to anyone who desires to have Godly guidance spoken into every area of their lives. - Daniel

Resources & Materials

Why Do We Need To Forgive Chapter Promo Cover (1) (1)


Read devotional thoughts as Mark & Dallas share what they learn daily in their journey walking with God. Be inspired to live in the fullness of purity that God has set as the standard for His children. Be encouraged to walk in the power of the Holy Spirit and the implications of living in relationship with God.

Sermons & Short Stories

We have found that reading about and listening to the God stories of those around us help strengthen our faith, therefore, we have chosen to share ours with you.


These are just some of the amazing stories that we share about our journey this far with God.


We have a collection of Discipleship Courses, Blogs, and a Children's Book.  For more information, please visit our shop.

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"Mark and Dallas provided a safe space for my husband and me to share our hearts and our thoughts. They spoke truth and helped us to gain the clarity we needed. Our sessions were filled with laughter and some tears, but ultimately breakthrough. We enjoyed our time spent with Mark and Dallas, they make a great team. I would recommend their ministry to anyone who desires inner and spiritual healing because you will gain just that!"  - RH

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