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Below are some tools to help you deepen your walk with the Lord and expand your knowledge of who He is, what He has done, and who He has called you to be.

You can listen to sermons, read articles, and learn about our books. Please feel free to share these resources with those you know who would also glean from it.

Devotional Thoughts

When Our Faith Journey Goes Too Far

View from above Comanche Lakes

There’s been a trail that has taunted me for the past two summers.  It is almost always in the top listings for trails near Westcliffe on when I’m looking for places to hike.  I’ve considered it many times but have hesitated because of the length (about 12 miles). It’s the Venable-Comanche Trail.  I’ve hiked…

When Awe of the Extraordinary Fades to Common

Awe of mountain lake

Coming into our valley from the east, there are two places on the highway that give you incredible, awe-inspiring views.  The first shows off the tops of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. The second gives a panorama of the entire mountain range with the valley in full view.  As one of my daughters would say:…

Shielded from Destructive Crushing Waves

waves crashing

You know those days when you feel like one more crashing wave may cause your proverbial boat to shatter into a thousand pieces? The days when you’ve been riding the waves so long, you’ve become seasick? I’ve had more than a few of those in the course of life and ministry.    In those instances, whether…

"If you've ever been interested in the topic of Spiritual Warfare, local authors Mark and Dallas Henslee have written a book that you just HAVE to read! Well-written, specific and Biblically sound, this book will help you understand the realities of spiritual warfare, and how to fight the battle successfully through the power of Jesus Christ!"

Heather Trost, The Greatest Gift Bookstore

Behind Enemy Lines

We had so many questions from readers that we decided to expand the teaching included in this book.  Additionally, you will find a dedicated Question and Answer section in the appendix.  Not really a paper copy reader?  We've got you covered.  Our e-book format is available here.

Behind Enemy Lines takes a look at the power of the Holy Spirit and how we walk in victory rather than defeat and how that often creates questions among those we encounter. You will be reminded of your identity in Christ and be guided toward applying biblical principles of doing like Jesus did. You will uncover practical insights for participating in what God is doing in and through His children when they submit to His will.

Dive into Behind Enemy Lines today.

Get your complimentary PDF excerpt of the Forgiveness chapter.

Are you ready to walk in fullness of purity and power?

Order your copy of Behind Enemy Lines for yourself or for your small group.

Worship through Flagging

What It Takes to Make a Worship Flag

Fabric, Fabric, and More Fabric “So, how much fabric do you need?”  It was a question loaded with the additional sentiment, “Don’t you think you have enough?”   The thing was, all I knew was certain fabrics were standing out, but I didn’t have conceptualization of flags to be made from the fabrics.  There was…

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Entering the Throne Room with a Garment of Praise

The Process of Making Worship Flags “So, if you’re going to make a flag for someone, do you have to spend a lot of time with them first?” she asked.  I wasn’t prepared with an answer. After all, to that point I’d only made flags for myself and given some as gifts to friends. “Let’s…

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