Using the Power of the Wind for Purpose

I sat on the beach feeling the breeze blow.  The sea was rough with waves caused by the wind.  A tourist was trying their hand at sailing in a Hobie Cat, being pushed along as the wind and waves directed.  Not too far offshore was a sail boat going in the opposite direction of the wind.  

How could this be?  The boat should be pushed by the wind, and yet, it was being steered in the direction that the pilot wanted.  The experienced sailor was using the power of the wind to go where they wanted to go, not where the wind dictated.

The winds of life

As we walk our life journey, we will encounter winds.  There will be times when we get a nice tailwind that pushes us faster and further forward.  Other times, we will have a headwind that we have to push against.  The occasional crosswind will come, working to push us off course, or worse, as it may attempt to flip us on our side.

We will have seasons of calm waters and smooth sailing.  There will also be seasons of turbulence, waves, and difficulties.  No one is immune from the ebbs and flows of life.  

We can allow the winds of life to take us on an emotional roller coaster of a ride, or we can choose to harness the wind.  The wind can rule or we can choose to use the wind for our purpose.

Using the wind’s power

I’m not an expert at sailing, but I’ve learned a few things about how to use the power of the wind to propel the boat in the direction you want.  It’s important to know how to properly set the sail so that it captures the wind’s energy to work for you.  There’s constant adjustment needed.  You also have to be able to zig and zag as the wind shifts.  It is not often that you can just set a straight course.

In life, we can choose to allow the winds to blow us here and there, or we can set our “sails” to capture the energy.  That negative atmosphere can drag you down, or you can turn the negative into a force for good.  You may have to zig a little to the left and then zag back to the right.  

It takes work to shift the negative to positive.  For me, it requires the help of the Holy Spirit to see the situation properly and then, to adjust myself.  When I’m in proper alignment, the wind will propel me forward instead of dragging me backwards.

Staying on course

Regardless of what direction or strength the wind has on any given day, we need to be able to steer our life in the desired direction.  In addition to properly setting and adjusting our sails, we need to have our rutter firmly in the Lord.  

The best way is to allow God to be our pilot, guiding and directing us.  In reality, it doesn’t work well to have God as our co-pilot (I’ve seen the bumper stickers).  We have to allow Him complete control.  Yet, that doesn’t let us off to just sit on the deck and watch life go by.  There is work for us to do, but it all has to be under the direction of the Master.  

We weren’t placed on earth to just bide our time until we can get to heaven.  God has a purpose for you for such a time as this.  We are His hands and feet here on earth.

Have you discovered your God given purpose or are you pursuing your own goals and objectives?  Who is piloting your life?  Are you being driven by the winds or guided by the Master in the desired direction?

So that we may no longer be children, tossed to and fro by the waves and carried about by every wind of doctrine, by human cunning, by craftiness in deceitful schemes.  Ephesians 4:14

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