Counseling with Families

Please read through the following and provide your electronic signature at the bottom. Each person must provide their own electronic signature for consent.

Please be advised that when Dallas Henslee and Mark Henslee work with families, “the client” is considered to be a combination of the relationship between each member, as well as, all of you as individuals. Therefore, to avoid conflict of interests, we must enter into counseling with the following considerations:

  • It may become necessary for us to share something with your family members either to address behavior modification and/or foster healing within the relationship. Please do not expect us to keep a secret that we feel is detrimental to the family. If you share something in confidence that your family needs to know, we will encourage you to tell them. You may choose to do so in session if you prefer. No form of communication whether in person, via technology, or handwritten should be considered private from your family during the course of joint counseling. Therefore, contents of individual sessions will be discussed in joint sessions if deemed necessary to meet stated therapeutic goals.


  • Confidentiality applies to parties outside your family members. Release of such confidentiality can only occur with consent of all parties or the legal exceptions as previously described in the disclosure statement.


  • Effective counseling requires each person to be willing to be vulnerable and honest. In a situation where joint counseling is discontinued, any or all parties may continue to seek individual counseling, but no outside party will be privileged to content of such ongoing private sessions unless required by law or a release of information is present for each party involved. In addition, all of you agree to waive the right to subpoena my records or my opinions which would factor into a legally binding decision.


  • Participation in counseling is voluntary, and any individual involved in the counseling sessions may suspend or terminate counseling at his/her discretion.